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Major Roy James Blakeley (December 10, 1928 - July 22, 1965) - USAF (KIA)

When I was young my dad would say
Come on son let's go out and play

No matter how hard I try
No matter how many tears I cry
No matter how many years go by
I still can't say goodbye

- "I Still Can't Say Goodbye," Performer: Chet Atkins

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An email from Larry Blakeley to U.S. Representative Sam Johnson:

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:11:43 -0600
To: Sam Johnson, Congressional Representative, Texas District 3 of the United States House of Representatives
From: Larry Blakeley <larry@larryblakeley.com>
Subject: Whatever! (Cher in the movie, "Clueless") http://www.royblakeley.name/whatever.wav

“We did it before in Vietnam ­ we had that war won ­ yet Congress pulled the funding and the troops were forced out. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results….we must support our troops. We must stand up for them and for America ..."

Colonel Johnson - My father, Major Roy Blakeley http://www.royblakeley.name/roy_james_blakeley/major_roy_james_blakeley2.htm, flew the F-104 Starfighter out of George AFB, California and was killed in South Vietnam on July 22, 1965 in an attempt to land his aircraft after a close air support mission. His F-104 was badly damaged and had no hydraulics. He attempted to divert to the Chu Lai Marine Airbase. He landed the aircraft safely about 1,000 feet from the threshold of the runway, but unfortunately the plane slid off the runway and impacted a sand dune (Chu Lai was virtually built in a sandtrap).

Within a week of arriving a Da Nang he stated in one of his letters that "these people are a poor lot." I am also aware that the pilots in his squadron told my mother that our involvement over there was a lost cause.

I believe if my father was alive today he may have been of the opinion that the only time was had a chance of winning that war was when the B-52's bombed the hell out of North Vietnam late in the conflict. Our troops then, and now, are the best in the world. They won just nearly every battle in Vietnam and were a credit to the courage of America's military spirit and endurance in the face of despairing circumstances.

But in the end Ho Chi Minh was not kidding when he stated, "You can kill 10 of my men for everyone I kill of yours, yet even at those odds, you will lose and I will win."- Ho Chi Minh (see My father's 19 days in Vietnam http://www.royblakeley.name/roy_james_blakeley/major_roy_james_blakeley2.htm)

(Note: Hanoi acknowledges 1.1 million battle deaths among communist forces. South Vietnamese battle losses came to 254,000. America's total battle deaths were 47,378. This figure equates to 23 Vietnamese (communist forces) to every American using this reported figure, but I would not be surprised in the least if this number is understated by Hanoi. Why would anyone believe their figures? The fact remains - we left, North Vietnam took over South Vietnam, but the "America military beat the hell out of them" - even with both their hands tied behind their backs by the U.S. Presidency and his military advisors. The morality of this conflict is a separate issue. - Larry Blakeley)

Colonel Johnson - I have no opinion of whether further involvement in a region of crazy religious fanatics will result in a win for America, but for those that have already died, and their loved ones left behind, as well as those that have incurred horrible injuries, I hope history does not repeat itself and leave them with the pain of constantly having to hear in the media and American public the words of Vietnam being a "lost cause," as our family had, and still endures, even to this day.

Best regards from a surviving son of an American jet fighter pilot who is proud of his father’s courage.

Major Roy Blakeley's only son,

Larry Blakeley

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