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Major Roy James Blakeley (December 10, 1928 - July 22, 1965) - USAF (KIA)

When I was young my dad would say
Come on son let's go out and play

No matter how hard I try
No matter how many tears I cry
No matter how many years go by
I still can't say goodbye

- "I Still Can't Say Goodbye," Performer: Chet Atkins

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"Sharon could not make it - I am convinced of that.  For whatever reason, the "damage was done," and "bless her heart," she will live out a sad, but most disturbing to me - lonely existence....Sharon just did not have the foundation to analyze what was going on with her, sorting through the complex emotions, and reaching a "decision of choice" to carry on as best she could - she was just too young, and dependent upon others (Mother and Dad) for her identity - so, her independence of self just never developed.  She became the rider, instead of the driver. I was the rider, too - until I had to climb into the driver's seat in order to survive.

I know that I can write so that they can understand - and, just maybe - a boy will grow up, look at his children and his wife,  and remember what he read - as a fatherless child - that made a difference in the "road of life" he chose to take because of reading something like these stories - they are, in fact, powerful words of writing - and, I know that - and, realize the responsibility to be encouraging to them."

- "Humpty Dumpty," email from Larry Blakeley to Karen (Blakeley) Gallini, dated October 13, 2004.

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