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No matter how hard I try
No matter how many tears I cry
No matter how many years go by
I still can't say goodbye

- "I Still Can't Say Goodbye," Performer: Chet Atkins

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For the last 120 years mainstream drug medicine has offered only three accepted treatment modalities in its ongoing fight against cancer. We all know too well what these medical treatments are: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

For 12 decades the drug medicine establishment has promoted chemotherapy as the official medical treatment for cancer. As a result of years of brainwashing, most Americans are under the impression that chemo is safe, effective and somehow scientific. For any patient to question its efficacy would be tantamount to quackery. Any medical doctor questioning this treatment risks chastisement and even loss of hospital privileges.

When it comes to the sacred rite of chemotherapy, the rule, is "don't question, don't think, don't ask about alternatives, don't rock the boat."

The question that most people ask is does chemotherapy kill cancer cells? Of course it kills cancer cells but what else does it kill? It's like the proverbial story of the treatment being a success, but the patient dies.


When it comes to chemotherapy are we asking the right questions? When you are compelled to testify in a court of law, you swear to tell not only the truth, the whole truth, (full Disclosure) and nothing, but the truth (no spins). I believe the drug medical profession is telling us the truth that chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but are they falling short on full disclosure. Are they telling us that the treatment itself is carcinogenic, that it suppresses your immune system and sets you up for a worse disaster? When cancer returns a second time and you have no defense, are they telling you that chemo kills healthy cells affecting long term healthy organs, glands and hormone function. Are they keeping you fully informed on the sensible alternative to a form of medical therapy that employs deadly poisons that many patients claim is worse then the disease itself?

Are there safer alternatives to chemotherapy? Should we jump right into it? Should chemo be your first line of treatment against cancer or our last resort? About 5 years ago, at the first cancer congress for integrative medicine held at the nation's capital the late Robert Atkins M.D. said, "If the drug establishment thinks for a moment that integrative medicine means giving a few vitamins with chemotherapy and continue doing business as usual, they are dead wrong; this is a grassroots revolution. For 150 years the best that they've come up with is only three treatments for cancer. As alternative doctors we bring 200 efficacious cancer treatments to the table, we now have 203 treatments!

Are alternative and complentary cancer treatments new? Some naturopathic and nutritional cancer treatments have been around long before chemotherapy.Why are they not widely known? Why doesn't my medical doctor know about them? Because they have been widely suppressed by the drug medicine establishment which is controlled by the pharmaceutical trust.

Until recently few doctors, scientists or investigators dared to question the establishment great cancer myths namely that chemotherapy is: 1. The treatment for cancer 2. Safe 3. Effective 4. Scientific If it wasn't for the grassroots revolution of "We the people" and thinking doctors and people questioning these medical myths, we may have become locked into a Orwellian form of medical/religious dogma that permits no alternatives. It is these same intelligent people at the grassroots level that have instigated the revolution that has changed how medicine will be practiced in our country. Never again will red blooded Americans permit allopathic medicine to dominate the healing arts as it has for over a century. Never again will a one party system of medicine be permitted. The cry of every American today is "freedom of choice in health care"


One of the most insidious myths propagated on the American people is the myth that the medical establishments war on cancer and its miracle treatment has resulted in cancer rates decreasing.

The facts tell us a completely different story. Since 1880 when less then 4% of the U.S. population died from cancer, the cancer death rate has been increasing. In December of 1971 you may remember the U.S. declared war on cancer. The drug medicine industry lead us in this war that was supposed to cure cancer. What was the result of this war? Cancer death rates increased from 20% in 1970 to 40% in 2001. It is expected that by 2011 50% of our population will die from cancer under the leadership of the American medical association, establishment drug medicine and chemotherapy.

The multibillion dollar cancer establishment has mislead the public, congress and medical practioners themselves with its long standing unsubstantiated claims of winning the war on cancer, in face of facts that tell us differently. Cancer is fast becoming our nation's number one killer taking 500,000 lives and bilking 520 billion dollars a year out of our nation's resources. Does this sound like we're winning the war on a cancer? Does this seem like chemotherapy is a safe treatment, or should we all be considering alternatives? In the face of facts the establishment's chemotherapy myth cannot stand. Our ability to treat and cure cancer has not changed materially since we first declared war on cancer in 1971. The incidence of fatal cancer has begun in recent years to spin out of control. Many scientists attribute the cause to over use of chemotherapeutic agents and allopathic medicine itself. We have reached a point in our history that our drug medicines and treatments are doing more harm then good.

The biggest myth that we've been told ever by the cancer industry is if we had more research money we would win the war on cancer. Hundreds of billions have been thrown down the cancer research rat hole and what has it gotten us, but, more and more cancer! Someone once said "Insanity is repeating the same failure over and over again expecting a different result."

What failure have we repeated over and over for the last 100 years? Hoping, trusting and believing in allopathic drug medicine and its myth that it will find a cure for cancer. We all want to believe in this myth but isn't this what chemo was suppose to do?

Chemotherapy is presented to us under the guise of medical science but when the scientific proof of its efficacy is requested, we learn that there is no science available that proves chemotherapy adds a single day to a cancer patient's life. A thinking person would certainly be correct to expect that if chemotherapy was more than a myth, that there would have been tons of data demonstrating it to be so, especially since its been the accepted establishment treatment for 150 years. Unfortunately when we look into this myth we find just the opposite. In many cancer cases "watchful waiting" (people who elect to do nothing) fair better then those who elect chemo.

The cure for cancer has not been discovered 34 years after declaring war on cancer; in fact cancer has increased 100%.We've landed a man on the moon; we've blown hundreds of billion and billions on so called medical research but no cures. As shocking as it may seem to you,we will never find a cure in drug medicine; it is impossible. Cancer is not caused by a drug deficiency, it is not caused by a bug biting you. Drugs may suppress the symptoms of cancer for a while but they can never cure cancer.

Why is this so? Because cancer is a complex systemic condition instigated by multifarious factors including long term nutritional defi- ciencies, metabolic toxins, heavy metal toxicity, environmental exposure, genetic predisposition and negative emotions. What is chemotherapy going to do to correct these conditions? It has been known for thousands of years going all the way back to Hippocrates the father of medicine 400 B.C. that the only way any disease can be truly cured, is by 1st uncovering its cause and then correcting its cause. Have our modern day magicians forgotten the basic laws of the healing arts? Why do they think they can disregard the laws of regeneration by saturating sick cancer cells with a deadly poison and expect it to heal?

True,we all know people who went through chemotherapy and are alive, but we also know people who found the treatment was worse than the disease, who didn't live too long after. What is not disclosed by chemo doctors is that in most cases even when cancer symptoms are arrested, if lifestyles changes are not made, the cancer comes back with a vengeance.

When it does, there is no immune system. To cure cancer we must stop believing in myths, especially the implied myth that chemotherapy cures cancer.We must uncover and then correct the cause. Because cancer affects our whole being, body, mind and spirit, a total lifestyle change is often required. This means change, sometimes big, change with a capital C. No one likes change but, if your old lifestyle was working you would be perfectly healthy. Cancer would not be an issue because cancer cells cannot live in a healthy body.


In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the noble prize for his research and discovery of the cause of cancer. In short we've known the cause of cancer 75 years ago. The scientific world concluded that cancer was basically an anaerobic disease. It's caused by lack of oxygen at the cellular level. It is impossible for cancer cells to live in oxygen.

Cellular oxygen deficiency is caused by metabolic acidosis, heavy metal, toxicity, devitalized foods, medication and nutritional deficiency.

In 1952, Dr.Warburg won his 2nd noble prize for his continued scientific research on cancer. An intelligent person would think that every medical doctor in the country would know who Dr. Otto Warburg was and would be following his protocols. Try asking your doctor who he was, you won't find one orthodox drug doctor in a thousand who recognizes his name. Why is this true? Because Dr. Warburg said something over 75 years ago that the drug cartel didn't like. He was asked by the national press core after winning the noble prize, if continued scientific research on cancer was necessary? His answer was " no further cancer research was necessary only right action, because all research came back to the same issue: oxygen at the cellular level." He further stated that further research would only tend to cloud and confuse the main issue of nutrition and oxygen.

If the orthodox drug establishment was based on science rather then myth they would have followed Dr. Warburg's advice 75 years ago we would have saved tens of millions of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars and the myth of chemotherapy never would have gained momentum.

Over 20 years ago Dr. Linus Paling won the noble Prize for his scientific research on vitamin C and cancer. A thinking person would expect every orthodox medical doctor in the county would be recommending mega doses of vitamin C to every single patient. But, how many drug doctors do you know who does that? If orthodox drug medicine was based on true science and scientific research rather than myth, they would be using far less chemotherapy and far more vitamins.Dr. Pauling generated tons of scientific data on vitamin C, but to date chemotherapy must be accepted on pure faith that it will work without killing you.

The biggest game in town is the cancer research game. Billions are thrown down an endless rat hole each year looking for the magic drug that will magically cure cancer. Little is invested in prevention, education, cleaning up the environment or nutritional research.

The politics of perpetuating cancer myths have been highly profitable for a tiny vested interest group, and highly detrimental for the rest of us. It may be time for another Boston tea party, maybe this time all the chemo and mindless drugs should be thrown in the bottom of the harbor.

True science cannot be discriminatory; science must investigate not just drug medicine, but nutritional aspects and all other contributing factors. So-called medical science seems to be a game with its own agenda, they take billions out of the public coffers for drug research. When they develop a drug that appears to have some value they immediately apply for a 17 year competition free government protected patent and the drug game goes on.

Cancer research has become the best game in town. The game goes like this: The drug trust promotes the idea that there is a cure just around the corner; all that is needed is more billions for research. It's a big myth that's gone on for 150 years and no doubt it will continue to go on because it's a myth we all want to believe. That's why it's the best game in town.

The biggest myth ever perpetrated in the name of medical science is that chemotherapy (chemical poisoning of sick cells) extends the life of a cancer patient. To date there is no scientific evidence supporting this assumption. It's true that some people live through the treatment, but those that do must overcome both the disease and the chemical poisoning.

How can I be so bold to call chemotherapy a myth? If there is no scientific evidence supporting this blind assumption in 150 years that chemotherapy adds one second to a cancer person's life, I must assume that no compelling scientific evidence supporting chemotherapy exists? If no science is available than I must submit to you that the practice of chemotherapy is a myth and those taking the treatment and those administering the treatment are doing so on blind faith.


The belief in the myth of chemotherapy is similar to blood letting, leaching and mercury injections of the past. Once they become politically entrenched as accepted official medical treatments, they block out all other possibilities for decades, sometimes a century. For over 150 years chemotherapy has been the darling of the pharmaceutical industry, all other treatments have been considered quackery. This jaundiced mindset has been resisted by grassroots Americans with such vigor that would put our marines to shame.

The time has come for every American to question the myth of chemotherapy; to become informed.We believe the time to do this is long before you are diagnosed with cancer. Become informed with your options in advance; prevention is our best defense against cancer.


When a patient asks his/her doctor "what are my chances that chemotherapy will work for me?" The doctor usually responds with words to this effect: "There s a 50-60-70-80% chance that your cancer will respond to chemotherapy." What the doctor in his jargon said and what the patient heard are two different things. The doctor says "respond" the patient hears "cure." Few people ask the doctor to define what he means by "respond" The respond/cure myth must be addressed if we're going to ever be truly informed.

The question we should be asking is "tell me doctor exactly what do you mean respond? The term, "respond" in oncology jargon that is uttered thousands of times a day in American means something altogether different than what we would expect it to mean in simple English.

"Respond" in oncology jargon means the reduction of the size of a tumor of 50% or more for a period of six weeks or more. The definition doesn't address the cancer or cure or even living a minute longer. The focus is changed to temporary tumor size. Now isn't that great, my tumor shrunk the problem is there is no scientific evidence that equates reducing the size of a tumor with survival time, cure or improvement of quality of life.

The problem is obvious, the patient who is considering chemotherapy is laboring under the myth that he/she is going to respond, be cured or at least live a little longer or improve their quality of life but, the oncologist is talking in a completely different language. He's talking about temporarily reducing the size of a tumor.

Hospital and oncology success rate is measured by the reduction of tumor size of 50% or more for six weeks or more. At all costs the oncologist's goal is to reduce the tumor, even though it may increase again in six weeks, even though there is no science that correlates cancer cure survival time or quality life to reducing the size of a tumor for six weeks.


Response rate is at best a poor parameter to properly assess the benefits of chemotherapy. While it is true that chemotherapy may result in temporary shrinkage of measurable tumors in some patients, such so called response rates are not valid criterion for measuring the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

There is no question that chemotherapy kills cancer cells: that has never been the issue. The questions that we should be asking are; "What else does chemotherapy kill? What does it do to my immune system, my lymphatic system,my liver,my digestive system,my nervous system and what are the long term effects? Most importantly we need to get into some even deeper questions such as,"what if the chemotherapy puts the cancer in remission, what are my chances the cancer will return even more furious than before? If my immune system is wiped out from the chemotherapy what will be left to fight the cancer?


1. Begin now to question both the advantages and disadvantages of chemotherapy and all other mainstream treatments for cancer. Don't get bamboozled into something you'll be sorry for later. Don't wait until cancer gets a foothold, act now.

2. Learn as much as you can now about alternative and complimentary cancer treatment.

3. Become an informed consumer of health care alternatives, study, and ask questions.

4. Medical tests are available that are able to detect cancer antibodies months and years in advance. Take advantage of the science that is available to prevent cancer. Be tested at least once a year nutritionally, metabolically, and hormonally using the latest scientific breakthrough in blood diagnostics for individual bio-chemistry, it's your best insurance.


Chemotherapy is a very dangerous and toxic treatment. You are in effect poisoning every cell in your body short of death, in hope of killing the cancer without killing yourself.

Cancer is not a chemotherapy deficiency; it is a highly complex disease that takes a long time to develop. It's the result of long term unaddressed nutritional deficiencies, environmental pollution, genetic predisposition, faulty diet and toxicity overwhelm. Under no condition should any reasonable person undergo chemotherapy without alternative and complimentary nutritional support. Some of the following support treatments may be recommended by your alternative doctor based on your blood chemotherapy and individual condition.

1. Nutrition, Metabolic and Hormonal Testing- Every correction begins with a Proper diagnosis.

2. Nutritional Therapy- Cancer is a sign of severe long term unaddressed nutritional deficiencies.

3. I.V. Vitamins/Amino Acid- Support - Drips, using Mathis Rath M.D. protocol of high amounts of Beta C, L-Proline, and L-Lysine.

4. Hyperbaric Oxygen/Ozone Therapy-Every cancer patient should be on oxidative therapy to boost cellular oxygen levels.

5. Hyperthermia/Thermogenic Detoxification Therapy- To pull out metabolic toxins.

6. Colon Hydrotherapy- For cleaning out the colon, digestive tract and liver.

7. Foot Bath Ionization-Detox bath to pull toxins out of organs.

8. I.V. Chelation Therapy- To pull out a life time of heavy metal toxicity and environmental pollution

9. Medical Hypnotherapy/ Visualization- To discharge negative emotions and empower your mind to heal your body.

10. Prayer and Bible Study- To get into harmony with Gods will.

- "The Great Chemotherapy Myth," Dr. Robert H. Sorge, New Life Magazine, September/October 2004 Issue http://www.newlifeexpo.com/magazine/NewLife-Sept-Oct-2004-All.pdf

Dr. Robert H. Sorge - a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, is the director of Abunda Life Medical Nutrition testing clinic in Asbury Park, NJ.

He can be contacted at 732-775-7575 or email abundalife@abundalife.com