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Major Roy James Blakeley (December 10, 1928 - July 22, 1965) - USAF (KIA)

When I was young my dad would say
Come on son let's go out and play

No matter how hard I try
No matter how many tears I cry
No matter how many years go by
I still can't say goodbye

- "I Still Can't Say Goodbye," Performer: Chet Atkins

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"AND HE SAID, I tell thee, Peter, the cock shall not crow this day, until thou shalt thrice deny that thou knowest me." Luke 22:34. Peter was self-confident. He objected; he offered to go anywhere with his Lord, both to prison and to death. But in the tragic scene of the "Agony in Gethsemane," Jesus asked his disciples to watch and pray that they enter not into temptation, and he withdrew to pray to the Father; "and being in agony his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground." He prayed that God's will be done. He rose and found them sleeping and warned that they pray lest they enter into temptation, but again they slept unmindful of the power of Satan. Then Judas came and they carried Jesus away.

All the disciples fled, but Peter stayed as near as possible. Jesus faced four different courts after his arrest. It was during the Jewish trial, held in the presence of Caiaphas, the high-priest, that Peter denied Jesus. "And Peter said, 'Man I know not what thou sayest.' And on the third denial, he remembered - when the cock crowed - what the Lord had said. And the Lord turned and looked upon Peter." Luke

Peter went out and wept bitterly. He loved the Lord, but he had depended upon his own strength. He had slept when the Lord said pray and watch. It was the result of disobedience, failure to recognize our own weaknesses, and relying completely upon God.

Each follower of Christ must ever be watchful. We must not be caught sleeping - and we must not depend on self. We all need the guidance of the Lord lest we too be found lacking in strength and courage when tried and tested. We cannot imagine what was written on the precious face of Jesus as he turned to look at Peter. Probably there was unutterable sorrow and tender sympathy - the same pity and love he has for us today as we stumble and fall and weep. We deny Him daily with our lives - in time - in talents - tithes - We crucify Him afresh by our disobedience and rejection week after week, day after day. God knows which ones have denied Him, and He knows which ones will come back.

We deny our Saviour by refusing to be a testimony to the lost; our very lives can be the greatest sermon of all. We give Him lip service for prayers, and that only to appease our conscience that stabs away at our indifferent hearts. We need repentance and prayer in our churches, in our homes, in our hearts most of all. When a person has no desire for the spiritual gifts of God he is not a saved man or woman. How can we claim to be walking in the newness of life yet denying Him with that life?

Like Peter, our anguish should be great; we need to weep over lost souls. Our sorrow then will be followed by a brightened life - with a new confession of love - a rededication of our lives and a deeper devotion to Jesus. We need to study further what it means to be saved.

- "Lives Do Not Reflect New Life," Valarie Owen, Sermon of the Week