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Major Roy James Blakeley (December 10, 1928 - July 22, 1965) - USAF (KIA)

When I was young my dad would say
Come on son let's go out and play

No matter how hard I try
No matter how many tears I cry
No matter how many years go by
I still can't say goodbye

- "I Still Can't Say Goodbye," Performer: Chet Atkins

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"I have no problem with war in principle," McPeak told one group of reporters. "I kind of enjoy it, and I'm good at it...." - General Merrill McPeak, Ex-Air Force chief critical of Bush's Iraq policy, article by Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian, August 31, 2004. http://www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/news/109395356159060.xml

Email sent to Ms. Ellie McPeak on September 13, 2004, a message for forwarding:

Ms. McPeak - you can tell your husband that the Blakeley family does not agree with this pompous and foolhardy statement; nor do we appreciate the way those of us, widows, sons and daughters were "left behind" and abandoned by the U.S. government over 39 years ago.

Even General Chuck Horner only allotted 2 pages of his book to the wives - he did not even mention the widows, sons, and daughters ("Every Man A Tiger"). My father was his flight leader in Lakeheath, England.

In fact, Horner admitted to having to "grow up" - when at 12 years old I knew more about pain and suffering than he ever imagined existed until that terrible tragedy around Christmas, 1964.

I'm not looking forward to the fact that I will ultimately grieve longer since your husband, Horner, and many others will be long-gone to their "greater reward."

Larry Blakeley on behalf of Major Roy James Blakeley "a soldier of America since he was 17 years old." http://www.royblakeley.name

- "No Problem War: McPeak," Larry Blakeley

Directory: http://www.royblakeley.name/larry_blakeley/articles/

File Name: no_problem_war_mcpeak

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Post Date: September 14, 2004 at 9:35 AM CDT; 1435 GMT